Aymar Audry

Beloved Son (A poem from father to son)


A man writing on a paper, looking down.

We failed with our plans,

We ashamed our clans,

We destroyed our plans,

But evil works gains.

We ignored advices,

We ruined promises,

We harassed our teachers,

Due to smoking gases.

Teachers punished us,

Parents claimed us,

Cops prisoned us,

Due to the impossibility of us.

But my beloved son,

Stay fixed as a horn,

Be strong like a bone,

And don’t be kind of mine.

By Aymar Audry



man climbing up progress bars

Innovation is costing and require so much efforts because you have to think about what others did not and accomplish faster than they could. Differently to repetition, you are taking advantage of other’s achievements and use their efforts for yours only.

“It doesn’t get easier, You Only get stronger.”



Read Books

Reading books make us great with imagination. And you can reveal the secret behind these obstacles you are facing.

Don’t make excuses

If you program your brain to look for the reasons you’re poor, you will be busy looking for reasons and start seeing how the economy, the government, and your parents make you poor.

Identify what you have to do to change your life and do it.

Trade a hundred failures for one success. Make sacrifices to things that are risky and when you fail, be courageous and try again because it doesn’t matter how many times you fail, all you need is a single success.

Never has been poor talent, it’s always poor promotion.



Aymar Audry

Aymar Audry

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